Advantages of Youth Athletics


Youth Athletes have:
Higher levels of physical activity and they expend more energy daily;
Less body fat;
A reduced risk of becoming overweight or obese;
Higher levels of cardiorespiratory fitness;
Stronger bones and muscles;
An increased likelihood of being physically active later in life.


Sports can provide:
Opportunities to make new friends;
Exposure to positive role models;
Opportunities to travel.


Youth athletes have:
Higher levels of self-esteem and social connectedness;
Lower levels of depression;
Lower levels of suicidal ideation, thoughts, and attempts;
Lower levels of problem behaviors (aggression problems, social problems, and delinquency problems).


Middle and high school athletes have higher grade point averages than non-athletes;
Grade point average increases as the number of sports teams participated on increases;
High school sports participation is associated with higher graduation rates and lower dropout rates;
Youth athletes miss less school and are more likely to attend college


Sports participation has also shown to be associated with positive health behaviors. Youth athletes report:
Consuming more fruits and vegetables;
Being less likely to smoke cigarettes;
Watching less television;
Being more satisfied with their weight.
                                                         From National Council of Youth Sports

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